Semi-dedicated hosting resources

As its name implies, a Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages is similar to a dedicated server. You share the system resources of a full–fledged dedicated server with just several other customers as compared to the hundreds of users on a shared server. In this way, you obtain access to a wealth of server resources at a much cheaper price. On top of that, a semi–dedicated server is much simpler to manage in comparison to a full–fledged dedicated server.

As opposed to a dedicated server, you won’t be offered root access to the physical machine itself and won’t have the possibility to select a server OS and a web hosting Control Panel. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to take full advantage of BitsHost’s state–of–the–art cloud hosting platform, which boasts an amazing stability.

A cloud hosting platform

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are based on our in–house developed cloud hosting platform. This goes to say that you’ll experience an impressive service reliability regardless of the fact that you’ll be sharing the physical machine with a few other customers.

The cloud hosting platform also permits you to easily migrate from a shared package to a semi–dedicated server. Our technical support engineers will handle the transfer on your behalf. Nothing is required on your part. Furthermore, you will be able to easily switch between the different semi–dedicated server plans.

Another vital advantage of our cloud hosting platform is that your semi–dedicated server will come with our Hepsia Control Panel and all the free–of–charge web site setup tools associated with it, among them a Free Of Charge Website Building Instrument and a Web Apps.

Point ’n’ click Site Control Panel

A semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage compared with a dedicated server because of the cloud hosting platform it is based on and the Site Control Panel it comes with.

BitsHost’s custom–developed Control Panel is built to live in the cloud. This is why, it works really fast and offers a truly intuitive user interface where changing file permissions or creating a Varnish instance is child’s play. The Control Panel also offers seamless navigation, so you can swiftly go from one section to another without getting lost.

What is more, you don’t need to be worried about server management operations. We will keep track of your server 24–7 and will execute all the required server maintenance procedures for you. In this way, you will be able to focus exclusively on your web sites.

A good amount of entirely free extras

In the web hosting Control Panel there’s a set of no–cost tools and bonuses that will help you launch and advertise your websites with just a click of the mouse and make the most of your semi–dedicated server’s potential.

With custom–built site creation tools like our 1–click Web Apps and our instant Instant Site Installer, you’ll be able to kickstart your new personal diary, forum or image gallery with one mouse click. In addition, the built–in Web Instruments will help you create a new site map or display RSS feeds on your web site. And thanks to the elaborate web analytics statistics, you’ll be kept updated on your site’s online performance in real time.

And to help you give your sites a significant speed boost, we’ve included a collection of Website Accelerator Applications in the web hosting Control Panel. Using Memcached and Varnish, you’ll be able to cache inbound requests and make your sites faster than the blink of an eye.

Guaranteed safety

The cloud hosting platform, which is the basis of BitsHost’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, ensures also far better protection for your web sites.

BitsHost’s cloud hosting platform draws on a heavily customized version of SELinux – the security–enhanced Linux distribution, which lays a strong emphasis on network security. BitsHost’s system administrators have further customized the OS to make our software architecture and server hardware work like clockwork.

Plus, your semi–dedicated server can be physically located in any of our an ultra–modern data centers that offer an incredibly secure web hosting environment with several anti–DDoS units.